Not So Typical

Today’s college students break stereotypes If you think that most college students are fresh out of high school, young, carefree and living at a university, you’re way behind the times. Eighty-five percent of college students today don’t

Quiz: What’s Your Social Media IQ?

Your online choices can help you get – or lose – a job. Nearly nine out of 10 US companies now use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for recruiting, and most of them review employee and applicant profiles,

Plan to Succeed

Good time management is key to reaching goals The transition into college can be tough–whether you are a recent high school graduate or a career changer. College students must learn to juggle many projects, assignments, and deadlines

Facts & Finds

Be Happy at Work Love your job? Hate your job? If you really aren’t sure, take the survey at Delivering Happiness at Work ( This online survey will rate your degree of satisfaction with everything from job

The Community College Advantage [Infographic]

Why Choose West Virginia Northern Community College? Get the Community College Advantage! (See infographic below.)

Advice for Community College Success. Book author says reach out, make friends and find mentors

Q. What made you decide to write Community College Success? I was a community college transfer student and after I finished my own degree, I worked in Student Life at a community college. I soon realized that

College at Any Age. Starting over or changing careers? We have what you need

Changing careers in today’s economy often means going back to college to learn new skills. Community colleges are usually the first place to which career changers turn, and not just because they’re a good value. College for

Robert W. Gracey

I grew up in a household and family where cooking, baking, and entertaining was the norm. My earliest employment opportunities during high school, college, and graduate school were in food service. I worked providing food and beverages

What’s Your Excuse? Four reasons adults avoid college

You wake up every day to return to the same job you have been dragging yourself to for years. Another day of performing work that, let’s face it, was fine 10 years ago, but is starting to