WVNCC 2011 Graduate Sigourney Kokosinski

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My college career at Northern helped me in my quest to find a job because I was able to use what I had learned in my classes in real life experiences. I knew how to handle job interviews, prepare a proper resume and how to achieve my dream after graduating. I was actually able to land the job of being an Office Manager at a local H&R Block office soon after I graduated from Northern.

All of the classes I took while I was at Northern helped shape me for the goal that I wanted to achieve in the end after my time in higher education. I loved that all the teachers I had in each class were always willing to help each student in any way that they could. I knew that when I was in class I was being treated like an individual student rather than just a face in the crowd. Any time I did not understand something, I could reach out to the professors or the tutoring service and get the help I needed to succeed.

Working in Student Government was very important to all of my success in college and even in my job thus far. While I was in Student Government I was able to make new friends, learn how to be a leader in many different situations and actually find what I really wanted to do with my career in the future.

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